English Version of the Call for action 2011

Call for a day of action against the animal exploitation fair NORLA in Rendsburg, Germany.

From September, 1st – 4th the annual „agriculture and consumer fair Norla“ takes place in Rendsburg, Germany. Numerous companies involved in the animal exploitation industries are present at the Norla. Amongst them are notable multinational companies that are actively involved in the industrialised murder of millions of sentient individuals for financial profit. Last year Big Dutchman (the world’s leading manufacturer of cages and feeding machines) and Danish Crown (Europe’s largest meat processing company) were among the exhibitors at the Norla fair. Furthermore, the national hunting association („Landesjagdverband“) and the North Milk AG („Nordmilch AG“) are also exhibiting amongst other animal exploitation companies. However, the Norla is more than a propagandistic event for those who profit from the systematic violence against non-human animals. Fairs like the Norla are also strategically and economically important for the animal exploiting industries. Undisturbed discussions about the „improvement“ of caging, breeding and milking technologies, however, is out of the question for us.

As usual, those involved in animal exploitation are going to try to present their companies as caring for „animal protection“. Exploitation is thus going to be sold as something like „appropriate for the species“ or „biological“ in order to suggest a false but marketable image of the company. However, we do not want „softer violence“, we oppose every kind of usage, keeping, caging, breeding and killing of non-human animals because animal exploitation is always accompanied by violence and suffering. As animal rights / animal liberation activists we do not wish for larger cages or „better“ methods of killing – as does animal welfare – but we seek the complete abolishment of all forms of animal exploitation and violence towards animals and, thus, the liberation of all animals from their societal oppression.

The Norla fair has to this day been conducted year for year. In 2010 alone, over 70.000 visitors were confronted with the propaganda of the animal exploiting industries. This spectacle of violence must not and will not be tolerated without protest.

Thus, we want to call for a day of action on Saturday, 3rd September 2011 at 11am (in front of the main entrance) in order to express our protest and resistance against the institutionalised violence against animals.

A communal journey to the Norla is planed. More information is going to be published at our blog. The provision of sleeping-places in both Kiel and Hamburg for Friday and Saturday is being taken care of.

In that sense: We will disturb your peace – For animal liberation
- Coalition to Stop Norla

More information regarding the protests can be found at: